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At our core, WGU Labs is ambitious in our pursuit of an education ecosystem that provides universal access to meaningful learning experiences.

Our team is made up of a group of multidisciplinary practitioners working together to solve the Wicked Problems through the unique position of being within the structure and support of an established university, while working at the fast pace of a startup on the bleeding edge of education innovation.

Join our team to work with us in our pursuit of a transformative impact on higher education.

Our Core Values


Our vision is ambitious and the pathway unknown, but we embrace the challenge to bring clarity to ambiguity through proactive and responsive work.


We recognize that we are part of a long tradition and broad community of scholars, designers and innovators whose work is powerful and should inform our own. We remain open to revising our own views and understandings based on new evidence.


We intentionally make our thinking visible, our resources accessible, and our expertise shareable within WGU Labs and the world in order to increase the aperture of innovation in education.


We cultivate and encourage a diversity of viewpoints in team collaboration. We seek feedback from, and provide opportunities to, elevate diverse voices in our interactions with each other and our solutions.

We can’t solve education’s most wicked problems if we only view them from one perspective.

At WGU Labs, we believe that each individual is an expert in their own experience. In every project, we strive to design and research with learners, not just for them. We want this user-centered focus to extend beyond our work into the ways we build our team. It’s important to us that our team includes individuals with different strengths, viewpoints, skills, and backgrounds.

But we know that bringing together multiple perspectives is not enough; we must continually work to build an inclusive and welcoming culture where our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion guides all that we do. This is why we seek to apply an inclusive, equity-oriented lens to every investment, hiring decision, and aspect of our work. Our wicked problems framework grounds us as we focus on the systemic issues we believe must be addressed to enable equitable access.

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Our Commitment to Equity

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