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When students search your college’s website for a resource, they are often at a critical point of need. But current university website search engines don’t work: they offer too many links to too many unhelpful pages, documents, etc. Complex systems, vulnerability about the nature of a search, and dynamic information needs can lead to students becoming frustrated when using your site. The NavigateU platform transforms your university’s website information into an easy-to-use student support engine that can improve retention and student success.

NavigateU Offerings

Targeted Systems

Targeted results informed by student-specific data and past usage with a refined search function and proactive recommendations.

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Normalizing Suggestions

Results are framed as having been selected by an intelligent AI engine that offers the resources known to lead to the greatest success. These resources are normalized by being presented as “popular” and a metric indicating how many other students have taken advantage of these supports.

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Sequential Guidance

Step by step suggestions based on  dynamic student needs will show  required steps and track students’  progress (e.g., to submit financial aid  requests successfully or determine  course completion processes).

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NavigateU transforms the student support experience by connecting them to relevant campus resources through intuitive web-based navigation.
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