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Implementation Support

Support for All Stages of EdTech Adoption

Finding and implementing high-quality, learner-centric EdTech is challenging. Institutions deserve better ways to assess, select, pilot, and implement transformational EdTech. Likewise, entrepreneurs need new paths to rigorously evaluate their products to ensure they support all  learners. We provide implementation support services at every stage of the adoption cycle so institutions and companies can meet the needs of all learners.

Program Design and Implementation Services

Achieve ambitious academic program goals including increasing the number of learners or the types of learners an organization serves.

Market Testing

Test program ideas early in the design process to make sure a new offering meets learner needs and demand

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Program Evaluation

Get meaningful recommendations for existing programs that align with outcomes-focused metrics

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Gain insights and support that help effectively deploy products for learners in different environments

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Assessment and Selection

Tap into the expertise of our research scientists to design customized research plans and create impact

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Evaluation and Research Impact

Understand if a product is improving the student experience and receive a customized research plan to improve its efficacy.

Adopt or Launch of EdTech Solutions Smoothly

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