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Learner Outcome Focused
At the core of our innovation process are user-centered design and applied learning science. The combination means we consider the learner experience, preferences, and benefits during every step of development.

Designed and Developed with Rigor
The most effective solutions are designed and developed with rigor. We use research and evidence to improve products, drawing on the experience of our integrated team of user experts, learning experience designers, and researchers who engage in the learning design cycle every day.

Our motive is to drive educational progress, not profit. Success in the education marketplace is often determined by the size of an addressable market or expectations of high returns on investment. These factors, unfortunately, often favor products that are created by or have a target audience of people with racial, economic, and identity privileges. This can reinforce an inequitable system and leaves students without solutions that address their specific needs. We are committed to helping all learners succeed. Our approach to product design interrogates the idea of what is marketable, invests in solutions that impact a diverse set of learner groups, and fills gaps in the education marketplace with effective products that improve access and outcomes.

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