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We work with mission-aligned startups, higher education leaders, faculty members, and workforce leaders. Our services support universal access to meaningful learning experiences to enrich individuals economically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

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Research and Evaluation

Advance effective education solutions and policies with rigorous, field-tested answers to education’s most complex questions

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Implementation Support

Improve EdTech adoption, from initial assessment and selection to piloting and implementation

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Student Success Consulting

Get actionable steps to support learner success through expert-led equity audits, analysis, and training

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Product Development and Design

Nurture better student outcomes while working with knowledgeable product designers

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EdTech Accelerator

Resources to scale your company, make a bigger impact on learner outcomes, and achieve financial stability

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User-Centered Learning Design

Enhance engagement for all types of learners with equitable education content designed by experts

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Work with WGU Labs to Make Meaningful Progress on Education’s Biggest Challenges

WGU Labs has the products, services, and expertise to help leaders solve education’s wicked problems. Here is who we work with most often:

Higher Education Leaders

From competency-based learning and closing equity gaps to better alignment between education and workforce development, many challenges loom over colleges and universities. We solve these problems in ways that support systemic change and equitable, learner-centric environments. But we don’t act alone or without intention. We co-design educational content and products with the faculty members and students they will impact most. Our rigorous processes and methodologies help higher education leaders challenge their own thinking to find practical, innovative ways that engage and inspire students to learn.

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EdTech Entrepreneurs

Breaking through in the education marketplace requires a deep understanding of stakeholders, networks, adoption cycles, procurement processes, and policies that guide and influence education. We invest in mission-aligned startup companies and provide consulting support to help grow their impact on learner outcomes while driving toward financial sustainability. Through services like market development, research, and awareness building, we can help EdTech entrepreneurs scale startups from launch to growth and beyond.

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Philanthropic Leaders

Systemic changes in higher education and workforce development happen when insights, ideas, and capital are connected. With our philanthropic collaborators, we are moving learning forward and solving education’s wicked problems. Through the support of our work, philanthropic leaders advance efforts that investigate learner populations, scale early-stage solutions, and uncover field-moving insights that will make the greatest impact and fill gaps in the market.

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