Engage accounting and business learners through immersive learning experiences

RedFlag Mania™

Increase learner engagement

Business education doesn’t have to be boring. RedFlag Mania provides immersive educational content to business and accounting course providers that goes beyond the typical online education experience. The undergraduate- and graduate-level curriculum deepens learning while making it fun and engaging. The game-based content leverages true-crime investigations to help learners go beyond the book to build curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Current gamified course offerings include fraud, audit, tax, and ethics. Courses are offered asynchronously via 24/7 access to the RedFlag Mania platform and are centered around digital storytelling using high-quality videos, learner-led investigations, and quizzes.

WGU Labs is an investor in RedFlag Mania and has supported its growth in the postsecondary education market.

What to expect with Red Flag Mania

Interactive Content

RedFlag Mania’s engaging content empowers colleges, universities, and faculty with and resonates with learners. The game-based, self-directed approach takes a deep dive into essential topics like:
Ethics and Decision-Making
Cultural Awareness
Tax, Fraud, and Audit

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Improved Learner Outcomes

Learners using RedFlag Mania don't just learn – they thrive. The company’s game-based approach ignites critical thinking, sharpens problem-solving skills, and deepens domain literacy. Learners aren’t just memorizing facts – they're experiencing knowledge, making learning stick like never before.

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Beyond-the-Book Learning

Forget passive learning. RedFlag Mania places learners headfirst into the accounting and business world. No more expensive textbooks or theoretical lectures. RedFlag Mania is about learning by doing. Using digital storytelling and realistic simulations and projects learners put theory into practice.

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Tap into learners’ inner financial detective

Use RedFlag Mania’s immersive interactive games and hands-on investigations to take learning beyond memorizing facts.

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