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EdTech Accelerator

Innovate at the Intersection of Learner and Financial Impact

The biggest innovations in EdTech happen at the intersection of learner and financial impact. It’s why we work with seed and pre-seed EdTech companies to support high-impact solutions in higher education and the workforce for students furthest from opportunity.

A New Model for Growth

Scaling a business is often like building a plane while flying it. There’s little room for rigid schedules, templated approaches, and cohort-based timelines. Instead, startups need nimble, integrated, and customized support that moves at the pace of their business.

Our EdTech Fund and Accelerator upends the traditional model to give entrepreneurs the unique support they need to break through, grow, and transform higher education and the workforce.

Customized Investment

Take advantage of a unique investment model that provides both financial and consulting support to meet your company’s short-term needs and long-term goals.

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Actionable Research

Confidently demonstrate the interest in, need for, and efficacy of your product to potential buyers using research conducted by our experts.

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Supportive Ecosystem

Work with a community rather than being constrained by a cohort. Before you launch, engage with experts from an array of institutions, decision-makers, stakeholders, and thought leaders.

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Tailored Support

Collaborate with experts to get personalized support that takes your business from where you are now to where you uniquely want to go.

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What You Can Expect

Scale your business by:

  • Market development planning
  • Designing research studies
  • Developing product pilots
  • Building market awareness
  • Supporting sales enablement

Our Investment Criteria

Interested in working with us at the intersection of learner and financial impact? We’re looking for companies that demonstrate:

Philosophical Alignment
We work with companies that are committed to transformational change in the world of education and ready to build solutions for students who are furthest from opportunity. It’s all part of our efforts to solve education’s wicked problems. With a deep focus on equity, we also aspire to support founders from groups that are underrepresented in the venture sector, particularly women and people of color.

Social Impact Framework Alignment
As part of our ongoing commitment to equity, we intentionally work with founders who are underrepresented in the sector, as well as those who create products, tools, and services for learners and workers who face the greatest obstacles to access.

Impact Orientation
Your success is our success. The biggest factor we consider is how a product or company will drive meaningful change in higher education and the workforce for learners who need it most. But you can’t create change if there are no buyers for your idea. So we consider market interest, need, and appeal along with the level of impact.

Organizational Synergy
The best relationships are those that work for both parties. We don’t work with everyone because we’re not the right fit for all startups. Instead, we choose to work only with companies that can benefit from the combination of cash, services, an expansive ecosystem, and cross-functional expertise.

Our Impact Framework

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