Our Impact

Solutions Anchored in Real Problems

We intentionally work in early-stage innovation because that’s where we believe we can have the most influence. Our work addresses core challenges in education by examining, building, and enabling innovative solutions.

A unique approach

What we’re solving

In the first 25 years, WGU reinvented the institution of higher education and created a totally unique model. In the next 25 years, we endeavor to recreate the system. WGU Labs is part of WGU's strategy to re-invigorate the promise of education for not only students at WGU but everyone across the sector.

Removing Barriers to Access

Entry points to higher education unnecessarily limit access for individuals who do not match the historic student profile. We remove barriers to access for students who are furthest from opportunity and increase cost transparency to alleviate financial burdens.

Redesigning the Current Learning Experience

High-quality education is not well-defined, varies widely, and fails to harness what is known about the science of learning. We redesign the current learning experience to better diversify instruction and adopt updated learning principles.

Strengthening the Learn-work-learn Cycle

The transition from learning to work is often opaque to students and employers. We build systems of lifelong learning that support successful careers.

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