Inclusive Language Guide

Official Statements

In this section, you will find several statements detailing the position Labs takes on inclusive language and other important DEI topics.When writing reports or other communications, you can draw from these statements, copying them directly into your document where needed. If you need to modify or shorten these statements, ensure that your modification maintains the overall messaging and does not contradict our official position on the issue.

WGU Labs Inclusive Language Statement

At WGU Labs, we value inclusivity and representation. We know that no group
is a monolith. The terms we use in writing will not accurately represent all identities and intersectionalities present within the human experience. Further, we know that language is not static and that terminology changes as we work to become a more inclusive society.

As we continue the work of inclusion at our organization, we know that we will makemistakes. But we are dedicated to the work of inclusivity, correcting, and updating our language to challenge deficit-oriented, homogenizing language traditionally used within the education sphere.

Promoting Inclusive Language Across Education

At WGU Labs, we are committed to furthering the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only at our company but across the education sphere. We openly share our DEI efforts, research, and findings with other institutions, teams, organizations, and individuals invested in this domain. Our Inclusive Language Guide helps us further this mission.

However, we also recognize that language is constantly changing. We acknowledge that we do NOT have all the answers and that the language we selected may not fit the needs of every organization. This guide’s value lies in the crucial conversations it can begin across teams and organizations as they begin or continue their research to decide thetype of language they’d like to use in their organization.

As more organizations commit to examining their language use, together, we can begin the work of rooting out exclusionary language across education. When we commit to this work as a field and share resources across domains,
we take a united front in creating more inclusive educational spaces. This work requires thoughtfulness and a promise to honor the diveristy of identities and lived experiences in this world. We hope this guide will contribute to this mission.