Is EdTech Paying Off? Faculty speak out on the benefits, burnout, and future of tech in higher education

At WGU Labs, we believe in the power of technology to increase student access to higher education and improve outcomes at scale. But there is a potential dark side to the increasingly tech-enabled future of higher education. 

In the second edition of our CIN Faculty EdTech Survey, we uncovered that: 

  • Faculty see value in EdTech for teaching and learning, but do not necessarily trust that available products are effective.
  • Faculty perceive that those furthest from the classroom have the greatest influence on EdTech decisions.
  • Faculty are wary of a tech-enabled future that is more standardized with less faculty-to-student interaction.
  • Faculty are experiencing high levels of technology fatigue and burnout.

We think teaching and learning experiences should be enriching and engaging for both faculty and students, and that these data point to important opportunities to enhance the faculty side of the equation.

Download the full report for all the data, plus actionable strategies to improve the faculty experience with EdTech.

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