In 2019, the College Innovation Network (CIN), led by WGU Labs and generously supported by the Charles Koch Foundation, began an ambitious mission to improve the higher education realm. As CIN nears the end of its funding period after four fruitful years, our vision remains unwavering. We contemplate our achievements and the influence we've exerted across multiple domains, aiming for our collective insights  —  a treasury of inventive approaches, strong partnerships, and thorough research  —  to guide educational communities within WGU Labs and beyond.

Highlights of CIN's impact are:

  • Member Institutions and Reach: CIN supported a diverse group of 15 member institutions, impacting the educational experiences of approximately 180,000 students and enhancing access to innovative educational solutions and practices across the higher education landscape.
  • Empirical Research and Evaluation: The network conducted extensive empirical research, engaging over 33,000 participants in surveys that assessed the evolving needs and effectiveness of educational technology within member institutions.
  • EdTech Partnerships: CIN facilitated collaborations between educational institutions and EdTech vendors, ensuring that technology solutions were not only innovative but also aligned with the specific needs of under-resourced institutions. This strategic matchmaking supported the implementation of technology that directly addresses pressing educational challenges.
  • Professional Development and Community Building: Through a series of in-person and virtual events, CIN successfully hosted three major in-person convenings, facilitated numerous Partnership in Practice (PiP) calls, and provided continuous professional development opportunities that fostered a strong community of practice among educators.
  • Innovation and Impact Publications: The initiative’s findings and insights have been widely disseminated through 64 media features, including feature articles and newsletters, and 32 sessions at major educational conferences, amplifying their impact on the broader educational discourse.
  • Sustainability and Legacy Initiatives: CIN’s methodologies and frameworks are being integrated into ongoing activities at WGU Labs, ensuring that the legacy of innovation and collaboration initiated by CIN continues to influence educational practices and policies.

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