Higher education is embracing Competency-Based Education (CBE). Although CBE isn’t new to higher education, many institutions are working to convert programs to CBE models. Converting your program to a CBE model can feel overwhelming. Where do you start?

WGU Labs’ CBE Learning and Design experts can help. We’ve designed a Periodic Table of CBE Elements, which is used to help evaluate the current state of an institution or program and guide its CBE transformation.

Our CBE transformation approach breaks down CBE into its core elements that can be customized to meet your institution’s specific needs. With this CBE elements framework as a guide, Labs can help you navigate through each element as your institution or program transitions to a CBE model.

The CBE elements are broken down into two domains: course-specific and institution-specific. The four core course-specific areas focus on curriculum mapping, assessment, instruction, and evaluation. The course-specific areas help transformation leaders identify key competencies and learning objectives, develop equitable assessments, train faculty to deliver content, build in methods to evaluate the program, and more.

The two core institution-specific domains focus on program development and admissions. CBE as a model for your program will involve alignment between faculty, administration, and staff. And depending on which “flavor” of CBE your institution implements may require changes to crediting and financial aid.

Because each institution is unique, you can use the CBE elements table as a guiding framework, and adapt applicable elements to your institution’s needs. Which elements do you see that align with your institution’s goals?

To learn more about transitioning to CBE and how Labs can help, check out our other blogs in this series that share the key questions you need to ask when transitioning to a CBE model, and debunking common misconceptions of CBE.

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