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CBE Curriculum Services

Redesign Courses to Meet Industry Demands and Learner Needs

To support strong outcomes and prepare learners for the evolving job market, your institution needs educational programs that draw clear lines from student coursework to their desired careers. Through effective competency-based education (CBE) models, you can align curriculum with workforce outcomes, institutional objectives, and regulatory standards. Transforming existing curricula or creating entirely new CBE-based programs takes expertise beyond traditional learning design. Leveraging our experience and understanding of CBE best practices, we offer comprehensive curriculum creation and revision services. Whether you are developing new programs or transforming existing ones to a CBE model, we ensure that curricula are learner-centric and designed with your students’ future employment in mind.

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Program Gap Analysis and Mapping

We begin our curriculum services with a program gap analysis to demonstrate how existing courses compare to academic standards and industry-aligned competencies. Our team collects relevant course materials from your team to identify gaps and evaluate the depth of each competency within and across the curricula and program.

Experts in Learning Experience Design

When you work with WGU Labs, you access the insights and expertise of our learning experience designers (LXDs). The team specializes in user research, UX design, learning science, curriculum design, and learning content development to create the best learning experience and outcomes for your students. We also follow an equity-first, student-centered design process, which helps us design culturally responsive content that includes diverse perspectives and representation. Every engagement is customized, giving you the methods and deliverables that meet your unique needs.

Elements of CBE Program Transitionping

We provide a range of curriculum services. We’ll work with your team to find what is right for your institution and its needs.

Common Curriculum Services

  • Program-level revisions
  • Course design and redesign
  • Assessments
  • Supplemental learning activities

The Periodic Table of CBE ElementsTM

Our Periodic Table of CBE Elements breaks down CBE for programs into four areas: curriculum mapping, assessment, instruction, evaluation, and program development — and ensures diversity, equity, and inclusion elements are woven throughout. We use these areas and their corresponding elements to guide your CBE program transition.

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