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What is the
College Innovation Network?

Housed within WGU Labs, the College Innovation Network (CIN) is a grant-funded consortium that supports higher ed institutions as they navigate a rapidly changing and increasingly technology-enabled future - with the ultimate goal of improving the student learning experience.

Navigating Uncertainty in Higher Education

One of the biggest issues facing Higher Education is how to make sense of mounting uncertainty - particularly when it comes to tech-enabled learning. While it is clear that tech-enabled learning is here to stay, it is not always clear how best to navigate it. Institutions often lack the tools and resources to 1) Understand how key stakeholders (students, faculty, administrators) are applying and adjusting to this new EdTech, 2) Gauge and evaluate the impact these changes are having on the end-to-end student experience, and 3) Leverage these insights to improve the student experience.

Our Process

Our work to date has clearly shown that “the problem” is not static, nor is any one solution “the fix.” We believe, instead, that the ongoing process of gathering data, identifying solutions, and evaluating impact is key. In short, we believe that the process is the solution. Our exploration is driven by developing a clear understanding of the student experience. By leveraging our in-house research expertise, we develop and deploy a rigorous program of needs assessment and discovery. This process captures and leverages the experiences of key stakeholders represented within our network of higher education partner institutions.

Our Approach

EdTech Survey Series

We explore the needs and patterns of our member institutions through our EdTech Survey Series, which provides a comprehensive solutions and strategies to solve gaps in curriculum design, belonging, tech adoption, etc. as well as benchmarking reports.

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Our experts consult with CIN institutions to provide customized strategies on how to implement what changes are needed based on results from benchmarking reports, including in depth reporting on data and professional development workshops.

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EdTech Cycle of Support

We apply a research and evaluation process to identify, create and implement edtech solutions.

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Community of Practice

We facilitate relationship building and knowledge sharing across our engaged community of practice to help support institutions on their innovation journey through site visits, annual convenings and virtual Partnership in Practice meetings.

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