Bukola Awodumila

Product Manager

Bukola is a Product Manager at Labs working with our team to define and develop innovative products that provide market value. She innovates at the intersection of research and practice. Before Labs, she co-founded Work Readiness Consulting, which offers personalized learning products to all students regardless of their background. At Work Readiness Consulting, she worked as a product manager overseeing the development of psychological assessment tools. Bukola also has over seven years of professional experience in the telecommunications and media industry, working in Operations, Business Development, and Marketing, mainly in west and central Africa. Her professional interests and goals span bridging the gap between education and employment, educational equity and accessibility to all students, creating innovative learning solutions for student variability, and finding ways to ensure these solutions reach the masses. Bukola graduated from the Learning Design Innovation and Technology master's program at Harvard Graduate School of Education and has a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Lagos. She loves to read, explore new ideas, and form meaningful connections with others in her free time.