For the last three years, WGU Labs and the College Innovation Network have been tracking the student experience through an increasingly tech-enabled higher education system with our Student EdTech Survey. This year’s survey findings showed that higher ed institutions must incorporate effective online options to serve a diverse student population.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • First-generation college students are nearly ten percentage points more positive about online learning compared to continuing-generation students.
  • The digital divide has diminished, but two-thirds of students have tech fatigue and first-gen students trail peers in access to AI tools.
  • Eighty percent of students find online courses effective, but still prefer face-to-face options.
  • Students report low overall usage of support resources, but tech increases their usage  — particularly among first-generation learners.

Download our report to read the full survey analysis and learn our recommendations for a more inclusive digital landscape.