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Administrator and Faculty CBE Transformation Workshops

Equip Faculty Members with Effective Andragogical Tools and Instructional Strategies

Faculty play an important role in the successful implementation of competency-based education (CBE) models, so they must be equipped with the andragogical tools and instructional strategies they need to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and CBE instruction. We offer a series of five CBE Transformation Workshops designed to help faculty members understand the key concepts of CBE instructional design, andragogy, assessments, and evaluation.

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Workshop Details

We use our expertise in creating learner-centered experiences to design workshops that empower, educate, and support your faculty members. All workshops:

  • Are facilitated by senior learning experience designers
  • Include options for in-person or virtual learning
  • Typically last three hours
  • Focus on active learning and immersive, real-world activities
  • Include defined learning objectives, pre- and post-assessments
  • Are supplemented by a 15- to 30-minute asynchronous, self-paced module designed to set the stage and support the concepts taught in the live workshops

Workshop Styles

Customized Workshops

Our expert learning experience designers (LXDs) guide faculty through five workshops, which are customized to your goals or outcomes informed by the Readiness Assessment. The workshop leaders also establish “office hours” to facilitate communication between workshop attendees and WGU Labs’ LXDs before and after workshop sessions.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

We can train groups of “CBE champions” at your institution to present the information to faculty on their schedule. This approach is best for institutions that foresee scheduling or attendance issues for faculty members.

Workshop Modules

Foundations of CBE
This workshop explores CBE as it relates to industries relevant to your courses and how CBE impacts your faculty’s teaching. Together, we will assess your faculty’s level of preparation and formulate a plan to both leverage enablers and mitigate challenges as you implement CBE.

Curriculum Mapping
In this workshop, we will compare your existing curriculum to industry-standard competencies. Together, we will identify any gaps and create a plan to close them.

Assessment Design ​​
Assessments are crucial in understanding if students can demonstrate competency. Together, we will identify cross-course opportunities to demonstrate competency, leveraging clinical assessments, simulations, “in-basket” exercises, and more.

Active Learning Strategies
This workshop identifies ways to design and deliver active learning techniques through discussions that align with the goals and assessment for your program.

Evaluation Strategies
How do we know if a program is working? In this workshop, we will explore how to design and implement an effective evaluation plan to measure program-level student competence.

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