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Competency-based education (CBE) is not one-size-fits-all. Every institution will have its own unique “flavor” of CBE that incorporates specific CBE pedagogies, business models, and practices. But without customized and practical guidance, institutions can get stuck in theoretical conversations about CBE implementation. Make meaningful progress in your CBE transformation with strategic guidance, insights, and best practices from our CBE strategists. We help program leaders and academic task forces create a CBE vision, process, and metrics that ensure CBE strategies closely align with institutional goals.

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Program Gap Analysis

Discover how your institution’s current programs map to CBE principles, academic standards, accreditation requirements, and industry-aligned competencies. We collect information from educational governing bodies, facilitate conversations with key stakeholder groups at your institution, and conduct interviews and document reviews to ensure optimal competency alignment and student outcomes. Our detailed analysis ensures that the transition to CBE is smooth and maximizes the relevance and effectiveness of your institution’s programs.

Customized CBE Strategy

Get a plan that takes into account your unique starting point, goals, vision, and resources. We’ll deliver a report that summarizes our findings, insights, and recommendations. You’ll have what you need to lead yourself through CBE transformation, or choose to work more closely with our CBE experts in customized workshops and curriculum services.

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